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The value of having a financial adviser

Nothing is more important than family

Most of us have great memories of family holidays, perhaps during our own childhood or more recently as adults – perhaps with children of our own. These special occasions make us realise how precious time with family is. Whether your family is big or small, caring for those we love is what drives us to be good providers – financially and emotionally. So with all the hard work we put in all year, doesn’t it make sense that those we love, and the work we put in to caring for them, is protected?

At Intergenerational Wealth we are offering our clients and their family, the opportunity to review their financial protection plan. Even if you are not ready to commit to any changes just yet, it is worth exploring your options. After all, you wouldn’t go on a two week holiday without taking every safety precaution around the house, nor would you set out on a road trip without checking your car was in good condition for a safe journey… why should it be any different with your financial security?

Have a conversation with us about your risk protection plan and start the new year with the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have appropriate measures in place.

Questions that we can answer

Some of the things we can address in our meeting include:
• Do you have a sufficient ongoing income stream if you suffer a sudden accident or serious illness?
• Will your family have the funds to pay off your mortgage and other debts if you suddenly die?
• Are there funds in place to provide an ongoing income for family if you are not around to earn an income?
• Are there funding provisions you want to make to cover the cost of education for your children or major purchases for your family’s lifestyle if you die prematurely?
• Do you want to have access to funds to support your lifestyle if you were to ever suffer a major medical condition such as heart attack, cancer or stroke?

All of these questions can be addressed in a short meeting with you and an appropriate personal insurance strategy can be presented for you to consider.

Secure a brighter future
Take advantage of this review opportunity and call our office on (03) 9326 1594 to book a complimentary appointment.

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